Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I'm a Runaway Bride

Sometimes I am astounded at the lengths those I love will go to to try to "hide" from me.  Sure, I've been a lousy, controlling, distant, hovering, make ever mistake in the book kind of parent or friend (yes, I recognize many of these traits are contradictory but hey, I've had years of practice on multiple children so I can do that!). But still.  They shouldn't doubt that in my messed up way I love them - always have, always will kind of love. And yet, I watch grown loved ones revert back to the toddler "hide behind the couch and grunt and Mom won't know you're making a mess" kind of thinking - so I am astounded.  Don't they know we know - and yet love them still?  Then here it comes from left field - those smack me in the face lessons - don't I run from the One who loves me - and His is perfect love!?  When I falter, or worse still, choose selfish destructive things over His beautiful and perfect will, I run behind the couch as if He won't see.  Or worse, crawl under the couch convinced He would never want me again. So my prayer for this year is to set the example - grow up, face up, soak up His love. And then reach out with loving arms to the other ones behind the couch.

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